Ride? It doesn’t take a beastly physique

Few diseases to blame him unless you are pedaling day and night, and then things change. Mostly they are pains of the parts involved such as back or legs and maybe less trained: a good exercise before and a little attention, and you will avoid any ailment.

Respiratory diseases
Cycling means using the respiratory system significantly. The more we pedal the more we increase muscle activity, the more oxygen is added. In addition to the more common winter cooling given by nasal congestion, more serious infections are acute and chronic, of viral or bacterial origin, and bronchial asthma from exercise. To be clear, if pharyngitis or tracheitis are the order of the day, the diseases that affect the bronchi and lungs are more serious. Many cyclists, professionals and non-professionals, cover the gorge but even better for long winter rides, a mountain pass in breathable materials.

Knee pain
The knee is another part on which post- workout pain is concentrated . Usually it is an inflammation between the bone and the cartilage and is due to an overload of effort, but this is not always the case. To avoid better proceeding with a gradual training and strengthen, even with gymnastics, the knee muscles.

Among those who ride a bike is a widespread pain. Obviously it is due to the forward position that is held for a long time. Usually the discomfort is related to the low muscles of the back and to the famous inflammation of the sciatic nerve. How to prevent it? A great frame is a good start in which to invest. In this way it is possible not to overload the hip and the groin, also often inflamed by a bad posture.