The right tips for your first 5km: no excuses

And how many motivations you have found to desist … Certainly among the reasons that most often make the beginner retreat there are:

the climate , too cold, too hot, it rains, it is humid, the wind has risen, we cannot breathe;

I’m bored , a condition that can be solved by finding the right partner for an adventure;

I don’t have the right clothing , a problem that is less and less frequent because many people have a budget worthy of a top runner before they have even decided to go out for a run; There are many reasons to forget that you want to run, very often you can find a solution on your own.

The absolute least acceptable motivation is “I ca n’t do it”. We all started from nothing, we felt the thrill of not having breath to the point of having wanted to stop immediately, to have scattered and unspecified pains, we were all very disappointed by our first performances.

But what many people do not know or are struggling to believe is that the speed with which we will have improvements in this phase is not comparable to any other in our entire sporting activity. So, after reading these few lines, without looking out for the weather, get dressed and go out, you have a date with a new love!